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Lake Albano, Frascati, Tivoli, Rome

Tour Lazio

The unique atmosphere of Lake Albano, the historic atmosphere of a Villa surrounded by a wonderful panoramic view of the Eternal City: a tour to savoir the traditions of the Lazio. Lake Albano, also called Lake of Castel Gandolfo, is a volcanic lake born from the union of two craters. The lake is considered one of the deepest in Italy. The territory of the lake is  part of the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani and is divided by Lake of Nemi from the volcanic slopes. 

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Rome, Sutri, Tarquinia

Tour Last Post of Etruscan

Lazio is a region waiting to be discovered. Many people know the hundreds of Roman sites throughout the area but not everyone knows that this area of central Italy, particularly that which extends between Tuscany and Lazio, was dominated by the Etruscans, an ingenious population whose works have reached our times.  We begin our journey of discovery of these people from the two famous cities of Sutri and Tarquinia. 

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Venice, Florence, Siena, Rome

Tour That's Amore

We've picked three iconic cities at the pulse of Italy's vibrant culture, both past and present. Venice with the sprawling Baroque palaces, gondola-dotted canals. The Renaissance is tangible in Florence, where the presence of the world's greatest artists can still be felt. And in Rome, history is ever-present, from the crumbling Colosseum to the Forum. The food, the way of life experience what Italy is all about as you make your way from one city to the next.  

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Milan, Lake Como, Modena, Maranello

Tour Ferrari Experience

Discover the behind-the-scenes story of Italy’s most celebrated automotive maker and even experience what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of a supercar. Once inside explore marvel at the vehicles on display, and learn all about Ferrari’s history.
There’s simply no other Supercar like it. The Ferrari Experience includes in-car briefing by one of the friendly instructors. Then it’s straight into the beautiful Ferrari 430 for 6 miles driving. Are you ready?  

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Rome, Naples, Sorrento

Tour Rome, Naples and Sorrento

Take a 6-night tour of southern Italy from Rome, and discover the Campania region with a mix of guided activities and free time.
Colourful villages draped over steep cliffs, cities steeped in culture and history, crystal-clear warm waters and cities frozen in time – South Italy has a lot to offer. Experience it for yourself with this exciting trip.  

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